After the Masterclass "The Royal Oak's origins", launched in 2022, the Musée Atelier is offering visitors the chance to take part in a Masterclass entitled "Design & Mastery", wich combines theory and practice.

Limited to 4 people, this 4-hour experience on Thursday afternoons takes enthusiasts on an exclusive journey to the heart of watchmaking creation.

The program includes a look at the history of complications and design with archives and period pieces, a class in the emblematic finishing techniques employed in Haute Horlogerie and the assembly of a mechanical movement. The visit to our Musée Atelier is not part of the Masterclass.

Since its creation in 1875, our Manufacture has been committed to enhancing the craftsmanship specific to the Vallée de Joux and perpetuating it generation after generation. This Masterclass helps perpetuate an art that makes the heart of our region beat.

Jasmine Audemars

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors